Compatibility and Limitations with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (FS2020):

At AXAIR, we’ve engineered our Flight Controllers to provide an expansive range of controls to elevate your virtual flying experience. However, it’s essential for users to understand the current limitations when interfacing with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (FS2020).

  • Versatile Assignments: Our controllers allow numerous assignments to joystick buttons for PC users or keys for Xbox users. However, the functionality of these assignments varies significantly based on the type of aircraft selected within the simulation.
  • Aircraft-specific Limitations: Some functions available on our controllers might operate seamlessly with one type of aircraft in FS2020 but might not work with another. This variability isn’t a reflection of our controllers’ hardware capabilities but stems from how aircraft controls are programmed within FS2020.
  • Future Updates & Add-ons: We acknowledge that updates to FS2020 might introduce new functionalities or modify existing ones. Similarly, add-on aircraft may also have unique compatibility nuances. Please note that while we strive to offer a premium product, we cannot guarantee full compatibility with every feature now or in the future. Our controllers’ functionality with FS2020 is bound by the software’s inherent limitations and any updates it may undergo.
  • User Experimentation: We encourage users to experiment with our controllers’ features to determine which functionalities best suit their flight simulation preferences. Every pilot’s virtual journey is unique, and our controllers aim to enhance that experience, within the limits of the simulation software.
  • Superior Compatibility with X-Plane: Unlike FS2020, users will find that X-plane for PC allows almost all functions of our controllers to be programmed as intended. Assignments within X-Plane reliably mirror cockpit operations, making it a more cohesive experience for our controller users.

Support & Community:

While we do not offer direct support for software-specific issues, we understand the importance of community and assistance.

  • Dedicated Help Section: For every controller, including our controllers, we have a dedicated help section on our website. This section is geared to guide users through general queries and setup processes.
  • Facebook Community: We’ve cultivated a passionate community of enthusiasts on our Facebook page. We encourage users to share their assignment configurations, tips, and tricks. It’s a space where users can collaborate and help one another make the most of their experience with our controllers.