AXAIR EASY: Simplify Your Sky Navigation: Manage MCP and Radios with Ease!
Gracefully navigate the boundless virtual skies, adjusting your crucial MCP values and radio frequencies with sheer simplicity. Say farewell to cumbersome mouse and keyboard controls. Our specialized flight controller places vital navigational functions at your fingertips, ensuring an intuitive and deeply satisfying aviation experience, while also enhancing your piloting precision and ease.

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“Introducing the Ultimate Flight Experience!

Ultra Compact & Convenient: Our pocket-sized AXAIR unit seamlessly integrates with your setup. No need for any drivers – it’s USB Plug ‘n Play!
Customizable Control: Tailor the device to your preferences. With just 2 knobs and 3 buttons, navigate through a plethora of functions effortlessly.
Versatile & Adaptive: Create button combinations specifically for Flight Simulator 2020, amplifying the unit’s adaptability.
Elevate Your Cockpit: Mount this smart unit anywhere, enriching your flight simulation’s realism. Reduce distractions from mouse and keyboard usage, and watch your flight skills soar!
Intuitive Design: Our selection switch is engraved with 8 essential functions: CRS, IAS, HDG, ALT, VS, COM, NAV, and QNH. Plus, our tuning knob comes with a unique press-to-select feature and 3 illuminated buttons: AP, ENTER, and FD. Assign them as you wish!
Future-Proof: With continuous enhancements to FS2020, expect more exciting features! While our unit is compatible with other simulators, its full potential shines with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Upgrade your flight simulation journey with the EASY unit today!

Dimension and Build:

    • Pocket-sized for convenient storage and use
    • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
    • Available with a black or grey faceplate.


    • USB Plug, assign, and Play
    • No driver installation required

Control Interface:

    • 2 Knobs:
      • Selection Knob: Engraved with 8 essential flight functions: CRS, IAS, HDG, ALT, VS, COM, NAV, and QNH.
      • Tuning Knob: Equipped with a press and select feature, enhancing tuning the selection knob set values.
    • 3 Buttons:
      • Illuminated and assignable for various functions: AP, ENTER, and FD.
      • Customizable illumination for clear visibility in various lighting conditions.

Compatibility and Customization:

    • Specifically designed for optimal functionality with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.
    • Compatible with various flight simulation software to ensure broad usability.
    • Customizable button combinations for adaptable use across different flight simulation scenarios and software.

Intuitive and Engraved Controls:

    • Smartly designed controls to ensure ease of use and enhance in-flight management and navigation.
    • Engraved text ensures longevity and resistance to wear over time.

Additional information

Weight 150 g

Black, Grey

Additional Features:

  • In-Box Content: AXAIR Controller, fixed USB Cable, 
  • Warranty: 6 Months warranty for assured quality and customer service.
  • Support: Dedicated customer support for setup assistance, troubleshooting, and additional help as needed.