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MIAP PRO 24: Elevating Your Flight Simulation Experience

Embark on an unparalleled journey through the virtual skies with the MIAP PRO 24, the pinnacle of flight control innovation. Engineered to exceed expectations, this cutting-edge device sets a new standard for immersive and authentic flight simulation.

Universal Compatibility Leave compatibility concerns behind as the MIAP PRO 24 seamlessly integrates with both PC and Console like Xbox platforms, offering unparalleled versatility across all major flight simulation software, including Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-plane.

Enhanced Design Experience comfort and style with the MIAP PRO 24’s sleek and lightweight design. Crafted for extended use, its ergonomic build ensures optimal usability without compromising on aesthetics. Choose between black and aircraft gray engraved backlighted panels for a customizable look that suits your preferences.

Advanced Functionality Unlock new levels of precision and control with additional modifier buttons, expanded dials for ADF and Transponder frequency tuning, and improved backlighting for enhanced visibility in any lighting condition. Enjoy the convenience of both short-press and long-press actions for seamless interaction.

Future-Ready Features Stay ahead with firmware upgrade capabilities, ensuring compatibility with future modifications and enhancements. Benefit from enhanced integration with the new MILI on Xbox, guaranteeing a smooth and immersive gaming experience.

Craft Your Unique Adventure Personalize your flight simulation experience like never before. With the MIAP PRO 24, every control is intuitively designed to mirror real-world aircraft panels, offering an unmatched level of authenticity and immersion.

Elevate your flight simulation experience to new heights with the MIAP PRO 24. Order now and soar into boundless virtual skies with confidence and precision.

MIAP24 Pro Technical Specifications

Weight: 190 grams - Designed for ease of handling, offering a balance between durability and lightweight convenience.


  • Length: 133mm - Compact form factor to fit seamlessly into any flight sim setup.
  • Width: 55mm - Slim design for easy integration into your cockpit.
  • Height: 28mm - Low profile for an unobtrusive look and feel.


  • USB-C: Ensures a fast and reliable connection, providing seamless integration with your flight simulator setup for uninterrupted gameplay.


  • Colors Available: Black Matte, Grey Matte. Both options are adorned with precision engravings of common Airplane Mode Control Panel (MCP) texts, delivering a professional aesthetic and functional clarity.

Buttons and Dials: Enhanced Control and Navigation


  • CRS (Course Selection Dial): Allows for pinpoint navigation accuracy.
  • IAS (Indicated Airspeed): Enables easy setting and adjustment of airspeed.
  • HDG (Heading Dial): Directs your aircraft with precision towards your chosen heading.
  • ALT (Altitude Dial): Offers fine-tuning of your flight altitude for an optimal flight trajectory.
  • VS (Vertical Speed): Adjust your ascent or descent rate with accuracy and smooth control.
  • Frequency Tuning Dial: Facilitates precise tuning of communication and navigation radio frequencies. The integrated top button permits quick switching between MHz and kHz for seamless frequency adjustments.


  • Autothrottle: Manages your plane's throttle settings automatically for efficient speed control.
  • Autopilot Engagement Buttons: For instant activation or deactivation of the autopilot system, allowing for manual or automated flight control.
  • Communication and Navigation Buttons: Dedicated controls for swift transitions between communication channels and navigation modes, streamlining in-flight operations.
  • Flight Director Switch: Enables the flight director system for augmented manual flight guidance.
  • Autopilot Hold Buttons: Maintain current flight parameters, crucial for stabilizing flight without manual adjustments.
  • Localizer and Approach Buttons: Key for precision during landing, assisting with runway alignment and managing different approach protocols.

...and many more controls designed to enhance your flight simulation experience, each customizable for personalized setup and functionality.

Additional Features

  • Transponder Setting: Simplify the adjustment of your aircraft's transponder codes for clear identification and communication.
  • ADF Frequency Setting: Accurately adjust your Automatic Direction Finder (ADF) frequencies for enhanced navigational precision.

Multi-Role Compatibility

  • Universal Design: Compatible with both PC and Console (Xbox), the MIAP24 Pro bridges the gap between various flight sim platforms, offering a consistent control experience.

Customizable Experience

Tailored to adapt and grow with your piloting skills, every switch, button, and dial on the MIAP24 Pro can be customized via the software control settings menu. This flexibility ensures that the MIAP24 Pro can meet a wide range of piloting preferences and requirements, making it a versatile and indispensable tool in your flight simulation arsenal.

Additional information

Frontplate colour

Black, Grey

Additional Features:

  • In-Box Content: AXAIR Controller
  • USB cable is not provided: We leave this up to the user (Type-C)
  • Warranty: 6 Months warranty for assured quality and customer service.
  • Support: Dedicated customer support for setup assistance, troubleshooting, and additional help as needed.