MIAP Standard


AXAIR MIAP: Unlock Boundless Aerial Adventures!
Discover a gateway to limitless virtual skies with AXAIR MIAP, your personalized, pocket-sized USB flight control box. Ingeniously engineered for passionate aviators, this control box not only adapts to varied aircraft types and their respective autopilot (MCP) panels but also paves the way for a stunningly authentic and expansive aerial journey in the infinite virtual heavens above.


Note: If ordered a bundle you will receive the MIAP PRO instead of the MIAP standard.

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Highlight Features:

  • Versatile Autopilot Control: Specially designed to interact with numerous airplane types, this control box gives you nuanced control over multiple MCP panels, enabling a comprehensive and authentic flight simulation across diverse aircraft models.
  • Configurable Control at Your Fingertips: With 6 rotaries, customizable buttons, and switches, experience firsthand the flexibility to define your controls, aligning with specific aircraft functionalities and ensuring a flight experience that resonates with your piloting style.
  • Optimal Size and User-Friendly Design: Enjoy a compact, pocket-sized control box without compromising on usability. Each button and switch is crafted to be effortlessly operable, catering to all hand sizes and providing a seamless user interface.
  • Precise Communication & Navigation Tuning: Effortlessly navigate and communicate through your flights with integrated radio frequency tuning switches and a multipurpose rotary and push knob to adjust your COM and NAV frequencies.
  • Backlight Aesthetics: Choose between a Black or Grey backlighted faceplate, offering a sublime aesthetic and ensuring visibility in various lighting conditions.

Compatibility and User Interaction:

  • Wide-Ranging Compatibility: Immerse yourself in a world where our control box harmoniously interacts with various flight simulation platforms, including Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 on PC or Xbox, X-plane 11/12, and Aerofly FS2/4.
  • MIAP Indicators: The latest MIAP release enhances your navigation with intuitive indicators for MhZ and KhZ, along with explicit VOR 1 or VOR 2 selection notifications, delivering precise control and confidence in every flight.

Plug, Assign, and Soar with Ease:

  • Beyond traditional plug ‘n play, our control box invites you to plug, easily assign your preferred button/dial functionalities, and switches, and then immerse yourself into a personalized flight simulation experience.

Craft Your Unique Aerial Adventure

Embrace an unrivaled flight simulation where every control is intuitively assigned by you, and every journey through the virtual skies authentically mirrors diverse airplane MCP panels. Ready to elevate your flight simulation to new altitudes? Order Now and navigate through your personalized, infinite skies.


Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 250 grams
  • Dimensions: 103mm (Length) x 64mm (Width) x 32mm (Height)
  • Foot Plate Width: 125mm


  • USB-C: Ensuring fast and reliable connection to your flight simulator setup.


  • Black matt or Grey Matt with common Airplane MCP text engravings


  • Autothrottle ARM/DISCONNECT: Facilitate precise control over your aircraft's autothrottle functionality.
  • COM/NAV Selection Switch: Easily toggle between communication and navigation frequencies.


  • Autopilot Toggle: Seamless engagement and disengagement of autopilot functionalities.
  • CRS Course: Manage your course with a simple touch.
  • IAS (Indicated Airspeed): Accurately control and monitor your airspeed.
  • HDG (Heading): Navigate your desired directions with ease.
  • ALT (Altitude): Reach and maintain your desired altitudes efficiently.
  • VS (Vertical Speed): Ensure stable and controlled ascents and descents.
  • FD/V-Nav (Flight Director): Manage your flight director functionalities.
  • NAV/L-Nav: Navigate using lateral navigation effortlessly.
  • LOC (Localizer): Manage your localizer inputs with ease.
  • APP (Approach): Control your approach phases proficiently.
  • Frequency SWAP: Conveniently swap between frequencies.

Dials (All dials have a top button pressable option)

  • CRS Course Selection Dial: Navigate with precision, with a top button to switch between VOR1 and VOR2.
  • IAS: Easily set the indicated airspeed.
  • HDG: Direct your aircraft towards your desired heading effortlessly.
  • ALT: Tune your altitude with precision and ease.
  • VS: Adjust your vertical speed smoothly.
  • Frequency Tuning: Precisely tune communication and navigation radio frequencies, with a top button of rotary switching between Mhz and Khz tuning.

Customizable Experience: All switches, buttons, and dials can be reconfigured to perform any function available in the software control settings menu, ensuring a control box that evolves with your piloting journey.

Additional information

Weight 254 g
Dimensions 125 × 64 × 53 mm



Black, Grey

Additional Features:

  • In-Box Content: AXAIR Controller, fixed USB Cable, 
  • Warranty: 6 Months warranty for assured quality and customer service.
  • Support: Dedicated customer support for setup assistance, troubleshooting, and additional help as needed.