MILI23 support page

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about AXAIR MILI23

Q1: What is the price of AXAIR MILI23?

A1: The AXAIR MILI23 is priced at $199.00.

Q2: What platforms is AXAIR MILI23 compatible with?

A2: The AXAIR MILI23 is compatible with both PC and Xbox but not simultaneously without flashing the firmware version. The MILI23 is optimized for Flight Simulator 2020, X-PLANE, and other top-rated simulation software.

Q3: What comes included in the box when I purchase AXAIR MILI23?

A3: The package includes the AXAIR Controller and MIAP mounting brackets.

Q4: What kind of warranty does AXAIR MILI23 come with?

A4: The AXAIR MILI23 comes with a 6-month warranty, ensuring quality and customer service.

Q5: Is customer support available for AXAIR MILI23?

A5: Yes, dedicated customer support is available for setup assistance, troubleshooting, and additional help as needed.

Q6: What are the key features of AXAIR MILI23?

A6: The AXAIR MILI23 features a comprehensive array of buttons, dials, switches, and levers, providing precision and control for an immersive flying experience. It includes responsive USB-C connectivity, a variety of buttons for cockpit control and view selectors, precise dials, main switches, external and internal light switches, a 4-position quick view Hat Switch, additional switches for various functions, and responsive levers for landing gear, speed brake, and flaps.

Q7: Can AXAIR MILI23 be paired with other devices for an enhanced experience?

A7: Yes, the AXAIR MILI23 can be seamlessly paired with the AXAIR MIAP – a Mini Autopilot Controller, creating a unified flight control hub. They operate independent USB ports but can be physically connected for a streamlined setup.

Q8: Are there any limitations when using AXAIR MILI23 with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020?

A8: Yes, while the AXAIR MILI23 offers a wide range of controls, users should be aware of aircraft-specific limitations and the variability in functionality based on the type of aircraft selected within FS2020. The controller’s compatibility with future updates and add-ons for FS2020 may also vary.

Q9: Is there a community or support forum for AXAIR MILI23 users?

A9: Yes, there is a dedicated help section on the AXAIR website, and a passionate community of enthusiasts on the AXAIR Facebook page, where users can share tips and configurations but also seek advice from fellow users.

Q10: How does AXAIR MILI23 perform with other flight simulation software like X-Plane?

A10: The AXAIR MILI23 offers superior compatibility with X-Plane for PC, allowing almost all functions of the controller to be programmed as intended, providing a cohesive experience for users.